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Bob Boonstra

Kamloops should be able to provide more pedestrian access along waterfront and downtown areas and create people-friendly outside spaces in one of the riverside parks by doing one or more of the following:

1. Narrow Schubert Drive and make vehicle access one-way along its length (or part) so as to allow wider pedestrian and people space along the west side of the North Thompson.

2. Create a pathway along the east side of the North Thompson for pedestrian access by working with the Indian Band. Hours of access can be limited or restricted seasonally.

3. Make Victoria Street between 1st and 3rd Avenues a pedestrian only venue to encourage more pedestrian use of this space. Access as a pedestrian "mall" can be restricted or limited seasonally.

4. Create a winter-use outside skating rink in Riverside or Pioneer Park for free winter skating. Include lighting so that it can be used until about 10:00 pm. Kelowna has such a rink for public use and it is well attended.

5. Re-pave and upgrade the Highland Drive access to Juniper Ridge to allow for better pedestrian/cycling/vehicle access to and from the subdivision. This road is about 30 years old and has seen no upgrades.

Arjun Singh

Thank so much for your comment Bob Boonstra. Looking forward to your participation in the ideas festival!

Frank and Jan Dwyer

Regrets: Jan and Frank Dwyer were registered for this welcome community intiative. Regretably, we will not be able to attend owing to a death in the family. The funeral is in Kamloops on Sunday. We hope the event is well attended and prompts many ideas. One comment. There have already been weighty warnings by news paper editorialist cautioning that ideas be practical. Well one way to quash ideas, before they are well considered, is to judge them impractical at the onset. I hope the idea fest will be unfettered and bring forward truly novel even visionary concepts. Best of luck.

Arjun Singh

Very sorry to hear about your loss Jan and Frank. Thank you for your thoughts.

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